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Love and Law

June 2, 2018

Good words from Jake this morning!

Jake Owensby

Hunger never threatens my life or the lives of my immediate family. When one of us says we’re starving, it’s just a figure of speech. Maybe meal time has been delayed or we’ve been to the gym or it’s just one of those bottomless-pit days. We could eat a horse. Not literally, of course.

But what if my children were suffering from a chronic lack of nutrition? In fact, they were slowly dying. Despite all our honest efforts, we could not afford sufficient food to stay alive and, even in a land of plenty, no one offered to feed us. 

Would I steal food to save my children? And more to the point I want us to consider, would stealing food under these circumstances be wrong? After all, the Ten Commandments prohibit stealing. 

FFEAFF00-45BE-4FF2-BB91-6CA12CB627EBI ask these questions as a way to help us reflect on the relationship between…

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  1. This is outstanding. Really helps me understand how to love and keep “the law”. Or love and not keep “the law”.

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