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Thoughts This Trinity Sunday

May 27, 2018

Amen, Ronnie, Amen!

Ronnie McBrayer

TrinityToday (May 27, 2018) is Trinity Sunday on the Church’s ecumenical calendar. God, we believe, has been revealed as a community – in relationship – not as an isolated individual.

Bishop Kallistos Ware of the Eastern Orthodox Church says this: “Belief in a God who is three-in-one, has direct and practical consequences for our Christian attitudes…Each form of community – the family, the school, the workplace, the local church, the city – has as its vocation to become a living icon of the Holy Trinity. [Our goal is] to harmonize diversity and unity, personal freedom and solidarity with others. When as Christians, we fight for justice and for human rights, for a compassionate and caring society, we are acting specifically in the name of the Trinity. Our faith in the God of personal interrelationship commits us to struggle with all our strength against poverty, exploitation, oppression and disease. We combat…

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