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Letting Go

May 19, 2018

A thought provoking meditation… thanks, Jake!

Jake Owensby

A man was standing at the edge of a cliff. He lost his footing and tumbled toward the earth hundreds of feet below. Flailing and grasping wildly for something to stop his fall, the man’s hand caught a root jutting out from the sheer rock face.

Clinging to that tenuous hold with all his might, the man looked up and then down. He was midway between top and bottom. There was no way to climb back up. The ground was still perilously far below.

The man was not especially religious. But seized by terror, he cried out.

“If there’s anyone up there, I need your help.”

To his astonishment, he heard a voice in reply. Clearly, but gently, the voice said, “Let go.”

He hesitated. Then, looking up to the sky again, the man said, “Is there anyone else up there?”

My friend Steven Bonsey often tells this story at…

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