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Eden: A Mother’s Day Gift

May 13, 2018

Beautiful ❤️❤️ Otters are my Spirit animal… have been for years!

She Sings of Spring

This piece was written on Mother’s Day 2010, in the aftermath of serious flooding in the area where I live. It is the story of a baby river otter, orphaned in the flood, and the human mother who saved her and nurtured her into a new life with a new otter family. I had the joy of meeting Baby Eden just prior to writing these words.
It makes me happy to revisit this today.
Gentle Blessings of the Motherheart to All. ❤
Separated from her mother,
frightened and helpless,
she cries with her tiny voice.
Carried by rising waters,
pelted by life-altering rains,
she is heard,
she is found,
she is rescued
by a hand of compassion~
a human mother,
a servant of Love’s highest calling,
to care for ones such as she.

Upon one gracious spot of dry ground,
she is comforted, warmed, and loved.
Other creatures gather.

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