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Finding Your Why

May 11, 2018

Excellent reflection!

Jake Owensby

Viktor Frankl recalls a therapy session he had with a young mother who had lost the will to live. She could no longer see why she should keep going and had attempted to end her own life.

She had had two sons. The younger boy died at the age of eleven. The surviving older boy was severely disabled. Having suffered a debilitating childhood illness, the boy lived out his days in a wheelchair and required constant, close assistance from his mother.

The young woman rejected this fate. This was not the life she had desired for herself or for her older son. So, she attempted a dual suicide: herself and her disabled son.

9DAE50AE-EAD4-4625-90CF-5046D7BA3DE6However, it was her son who stayed her hand. The woman had come to see her life as not worth living. By contrast, the boy experienced his life as deeply meaningful. He could still answer the question…

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