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Lebanon/Syria Day Six: Turning Graveyards into Gardens — The Outreach Foundation

April 24, 2018

by Brian Collins, for the team

Today was the day we visited East Aleppo. We’ve all seen the pictures of
the destruction, but what I didn’t appreciate was how widespread it is: a
seemingly endless expanse of torn and collapsed buildings. These were
homes, places of work and prayer. Each represents disrupted or even
extinguished lives. A numbness set in at the monotony of viewing block
after block of the same destruction expressing itself in different ways –
this building without a front, that one without a roof, the next just

The people of Aleppo endured much during the fighting. Parts of the city
were closed off; food hard to find or sometimes not to be found. Unable to
access burial grounds in dangerous parts of the city, the dead were
interred in a number of small gardens around the city.
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