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How to Live Well

April 21, 2018

Also reminds me of my Brother Jeff Blake who is on his final journey… thanks, Jake!

Jake Owensby

If you really want to know how to live, spend time with someone who is dying well. They are dying well because they have learned to live well.

Two of my friends died this month. One younger than me. One older. Each had endured a lengthy illness. Cancer eventually claimed the one. Long-term pulmonary disease the other.

22654E29-0CBE-4937-9E7C-3C2356E59B53Both lived, really lived, in the face of their mortality. With courage and remarkably good cheer my younger friend underwent a series of nausea-inducing, energy-draining treatments to send the cancer into remission. 

Facing an intractable, progressive condition, my older friend continued writing and editing and friend-making with all of her available, gradually diminishing strength. Her health and mobility slowly declined, but her wit and insightfulness and compassion—what you might call her spirit—never dimmed.

Within about a week of each other, both my friends entered hospice care. I will not quote them here…

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