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We Will Rise

April 13, 2018

What a powerful reflection, Jake!

Jake Owensby

Brene Brown teaches us to say that we are enough. It’s wise and gracious advice. 

Her research shows that a hypercritical, perfectionist tyrant abides deep within many of us. This tyrant’s voice will be male or female depending upon the settings for your internal Siri.

My tyrant is male. But I suspect that his message would be the same even if the voice was switched to female. “I’ll never be able to unsee those love handles.” “You’re such a lousy parent.” “You better hope they never find out how incompetent you are at this job.”

7923AC56-ECC3-4CDC-8781-1B20F2573D74Saying, “I am enough,” is an act of psychological resistance. For now, it may not completely silence the tyrant’s voice. But saying that I am enough will take us toward a healthier place.

In his letter to a fledgling Jesus community, John says something very similar. Only, he helps us broaden what it means…

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