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April 9th – A Year on Grace Street – Jeff Blake

April 9, 2018

Today is my Mom’s birthday

On Palm Sunday, 1933, my Mom was born

The picture is of the sunset on the day she died

She was a fighter

In 2000 while I was deployed, she underwent a double radical mastectomy

No, don’t come home, you have work to do she said

As I reflect upon her life

As I reflect upon her peaceful death

I give thanks to God for her witness

These words from my dear brother speak to my heart

Jeff Blake, as you meet our Sister Bodily Death

Thank you for your witness as well

In his book, A Year on Grace Street: Daily Signposts, this entry on April 9th

When the doctor said cancer, it never occurred to me to surrender. Quite the contrary, it was my reveille, my moment to get up and walk or crawl if need be. I want to travel on Grace Street for as long as I am given.

Jeff, I pray with and for you, my precious Brother

Mom travelled on that same street

And now, she is with the Angels

My brother, I pray the same for you

Be surrounded by God’s Angels

Be surrounded by God’s Peace

For you, as I pray for my Mom

Know and experience God’s Peace

Dona Nobis Pacem

Grant You both Peace ❤️❤️

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