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April 1, 2018

A beautiful Easter Love Poem ❤️

Lengthening Light

You called me
by Name
and Befriended me
as no other;
my Lord, my Love,
my Closest Brother.

You healed me
with the Light
in Your Seeing,
the Intensity
in Your Listening,
the Tenderness
in Your Touching.

My God;
Your Eyes,
Your Heart,
Your Hands…

You Loved me
so recklessly,
oh my Yeshua!
Even passing
through Death
and Darkness
to set me Free
from all falsity.

You have Appeared;
shown me the Way;
the Truth of
Unfailing Love;
the Light of
Life Eternal,
Where You Walk
With me, Move In me,
and Flow Through me,
Even Now and Evermore.

There can be such an ache of yearning
in pondering Your impending Invisibility;
but with spiritual eyes opened, I know
I will see You Everywhere, in All That Lives;
in All That Is Beautiful and Passionate and True.

For with All That Is,
so too my soul
has now been EnChristed;

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