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Reflections on Holy Saturday

March 31, 2018

After we came home from the Interfaith Alliance Good Friday service at Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church, I had an unsettled feeling that continued into today. Seeing a number of early “Happy Easter” posts on Facebook left me unsettled as well.

We walked into town to get some groceries and everyone was going about their business. Even this Elk we ran into behind the Condo Complex along the river was going about her business. As we walked by, I noticed something unusual though. Typically the Female Elk travel in bunches but this one was alone.

As we walked past, it hit me that she could well have represented Thomas the Disciple. From Scripture we can surmise that while ten of the Disciples returned to the Upper Room and locked the door that Thomas was on his own. I have been trying to live into the between times… the time between the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

A blogger that I followed asked a very poignant question that made me stop and think. Kimberly asked us this question: “If you were one of the remaining disciples (male or female), what do you think you’d be doing on that Saturday?” As I try to live into the between, this was my honest answer: “Honestly, I would be looking over my shoulder and wondering if they were coming for me. Avoiding crowds and perhaps even the other disciples. Scared to death!”

For the rest of the residents and pilgrims in Jerusalem for the Passover, time and life would have moved on. They would have observed the Sabbath and the Passover rituals… singing the songs, praying the prayers, eating their meals. For the band of Jesus followers, life had come crashing to a halt! What on earth had happened? What would Jesus want us to do now? How do we move on from here? Was this “revolution” all for nothing?

For those of us with nearly 2,000 years of “guilty knowledge”, we know the answer. We know what Mary Magdalene and the other Mary’s will find at sunrise on the first day after the Sabbath. But in the time in between, they will wonder… they will be afraid… they will doubt… they will walk through the Dark Night of the Soul… through the Valley of the Shadows…

I can almost hear Mary say to me… “Walk with me a while…” walk in this in between time… walk with my Lord and yours through the Valley of the Shadows… Easter will come soon enough… in the meantime, walk with us… walk with the Lord…

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