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Choose Your Parade

March 24, 2018

Amen, Ronnie, Amen

Ronnie McBrayer

milivoj-kuhar-534191-unsplashThe last military parades in the United States came at the end of the Gulf War and the conclusion of “Operation Desert Storm.” This parade followed in the tradition of the great victory parades from the World Wars, and the inaugurations of Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. Both men had served with distinction in the military, the latter a decorated Naval officer, and the former was the Supreme Allied Commander during World War II.

I’m fairly incredulous, however, about the prospects of reviving this spectacle. It would unnecessarily cost millions of dollars, money that could be better spent on veteran services. If a country truly wishes to “celebrate” its military, then maybe helping those who have given life, limb, blood, comrades, and parts of their very souls to recover – physically and emotionally – would be a healthier place to start.

And if one just has to have a parade, there…

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