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Learning to See

March 17, 2018

Thanks you for these beautiful thoughts, Jake!

Jake Owensby

Andrew uttered his first word when he was six months old. Joy was holding him on her lap. We were all sitting on the porch enjoying a Florida spring morning. Our black and white cat Calvin stretched his front paws up to Joy’s lap and studied our son attentively. Reaching to touch Calvin, Andrew said, “Cat.”

A few months later, Andrew had begun learning the alphabet. He would stand behind our car and point out the letters on the trunk. “H. O. N. D.” When he arrived at the “a” he would shout, “Honda!”

That was nearly thirty years ago. Like most of us, he has added thousands of words to his vocabulary. But learning to speak involves far more than accumulating words. Language is how we inhabit a meaningful world. And that takes time.

With language we make sense of our experiences. We share our lives with each other…

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