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Changing My Mind about God

March 4, 2018

Powerful, Jake, Powerful… thank God for changes in perspective that the Holy Spirit can bring!

Jake Owensby

A gestalt shift is a visual switch of perspective. While looking at an unchanging image we see first one thing and then another. For instance, in the picture below you can see a duck. Or a rabbit. Or a duck:

7B3F51D3-0894-4BD9-8BB1-A4B89EB19ECFAnother familiar example of gestalt shifts is the vase or chalice that can also be two faces peering at each other:

DBA5C7BE-1449-464A-ACE8-0BCF13EE5788The lesson we draw from gestalt shifts is that perception is interpretation. The universe we inhabit constantly bombards us with an infinite variety of colors and sounds, smells and textures. Such complexity is more than we can possibly take in all at once. So we filter and sort all of this before we even become aware of it.

The philosopher William James said that, if we didn’t bring some sort of order to this tidal wave of input, we wouldn’t have what we know as experience at all. We…

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