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Spiritual Ruminations: It is Lent…

February 24, 2018

Powerful, Nancie! Thanks for sharing

The Prayerful Peacock

gratitude 2

I’ve been MIA from the blogosphere for a few weeks.

I could:

  • Blame it on the snow
  • Blame it on the flu
  • Blame it on the Olympics


Just say it as it is—I’ve been busy. Really, really busy!

So, what has been taking my time and energy? In my faith tradition, it is Lent. Lent starts off with a bang, slows a bit and then builds to a climactic celebration of Easter.

In the spirit of Lent, I thought I would share a reflection. Perhaps you will find it a doorway to prayer.

Ash and dust spill down my forehead, remind me of campfires and firebugs, starlit skies and cheeping crickets.

The taste of smoke burns my throat, acrid and unpleasant and my eyes burn with the soot of cigarettes like years ago and Gram and Gramps on holidays in their large family small house space.

It is a…

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