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A Christmas Secret (Do Not Be Afraid.)

December 20, 2017

Beautiful, Ally ❤️❤️

Soul Kindling

Do Not Be Afraid

There is a secret in your midst.
The secret is wonderful.
Powerful. Everlasting.
Are you ready?
Here it is…
The Christmas story is actually
your story. My story.
Yes. It’s true.

I know how easy it is to go through days
nearly numb to our actions. We neatly stack
our bricks, align our shoes, swallow our food whole.
We follow the good, the right, the status quo—
Because after all, this is how it’s done,
this is what we’ve learned.
Us, rule followers, brick stackers.
You and I, we’ve never imagined it differently.

But here’s the thing,
the story of Christ’s birth is not
some ancient, one time tale we revisit yearly for rote ritual.
No, this story is too good, too true, too fantastic
to be bored by. This story has the power
to awaken, to transform, to change our hearts.
I tell you—
Do not be afraid.

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