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When Fragile Things Shatter

December 8, 2017

Powerful, Jake, Powerful!

Jake Owensby

The glass shattered before I realized what was happening. Bustling about in the kitchen, I had knocked it to the floor while reaching for some spices and watching a timer and listening to “All Things Considered.” Menacing shards jutted up where I stood. Tiny slivers had scattered to all corners of the room.

Our children were very young. They dashed in with bare feet to investigate the noise. “Stop! Hold it right there!” I shouted.

Before letting anyone else cross the kitchen threshold, I picked up the largest pieces of glass. Next came a furious sweeping of smaller bits. Finally, I vacuumed the floor over and over to get rid of the tiny, invisible grains lying in wait for tender little feet.

Fragile things shatter so easily.

A37312DC-B5EF-4336-B8E9-524E2CA69141Breaking that glass inconvenienced me. I tossed the jagged remains into the trash without a second thought. One mass-produced drinking glass looks pretty…

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