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One Stone at a Time

November 4, 2017

Well said, Jake… we need a little more (okay, a whole lot more) Francis in this world! ❤️

Jake Owensby

When Giovanni di Bernardone was born, his Italian father was in France making a killing in the silk trade. So when Dad got back home to Assisi, he called the boy Francesco: the Frenchman.

The nickname stuck. We still call Giovanni Francis of Assisi.

Young Francis enjoyed a life of privilege. His parents’ wealth and social position granted him an education and promised him future business connections far out of reach for the children of regular working stiffs.

1*mLZ2QyROoXQVKexXF3tZRQFrom the moment he drew his first breath, Francis was miles ahead of the milkmaid’s son and the butcher’s daughter.

Initially, he took these advantages for granted. He was unaware that almost everyone else began life with far less to work with.

Still, he was moved by compassion for the poor. The connection between his privilege and the poverty around him had not yet dawned on him. But Jesus was about to…

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