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Jesus and Politics

October 23, 2017

A profound look at yesterday’s Gospel… thanks, Jake!

Jake Owensby

Some Christians are making political commitments that Jesus would hesitate to call, well, Christian. Let me explain by way of a political run-in that Jesus had with a group called the Herodians and some Pharisees.
We don’t know much about the Herodians.

Their name suggests that they were like other groups whose names derive from a person they follow in some way. Think of Marxists or Freudians or even Christians.


So, it’s reasonable to think that the Herodians may have sought to restore the Herodian family to the throne of Israel. They were a politically-motivated group. They had hitched their political, social, and economic wagon to Herod and his descendants. If Herod’s line came to power, their political muscle, social status, and personal wealth would increase.

In Matthew’s Gospel, we read that Herod the Great was not actually about making Israel great again. At least, not great in any spiritual…

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