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humbling: on striving, falling and humbling #thedailyhaiku 12

October 12, 2017

Reminds us to seek what is truly important in life… Thanks, Joy for sharing your vulnerability and hope ❤️

Poetry Joy

Falling from ladders or anything else can be humbling. As a permanently weak, weary and clumsy (ish) person I often trip over things or just lose my balance when walking around a bit. It’s something I’ve got used to but embarrassment can still affect me when it happens in a public place.

I have also fallen for situations and belief systems that have hurt me more than taking a tumble. I’ve fallen for the trappings of our materialist society andits success stories, bought into consumerism’s lies, been unnecessarily humbled by my background and perceived lack of this and that.

And even if I feel like I’ve fallen out of grace time and again, it is not a possibility because God’s grace is wilder and wider than the ocean, deeper than the deepest sea. We can never fall far enough to be out of the reach of our Saviour’s arms. No…

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