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freedom: bright butterfly of hope hovers close #thedailyhaiku 2

October 2, 2017

Speaking of hope in the midst of the darkness… thank you, Joy ❤️

Poetry Joy

Butterflies always speak of freedom to me. I envy their ability to break out of their earthbound chrysalis confines, emerge sparkling new, beautiful and ready for flight.

If only I think. If only we could be like a butterfly, see an end to our struggles and break out into the clear light of freedom. Such a time may be a long while off, though small victories here help build upon the scent of freedom to come.

But we have that blessed eternal Hope from God awaiting us, even as we wrestle with things in the here and now, while we learn how intrinsic faith is to our eventual flight to freedom.

It’s close,  my friend. Closer than we think. Closer than we know. It shimmers in the air around. Keep believing and hold onto your hope for better times to come.

Butterfly of hope

Freedom beckons us

like bright…

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  1. Michael, may the peace, joy and freedom we have in Christ warm your world-weary heart and eclipse the negative, painfully sad events of recent months. Bless you, friend. 🙂

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