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Big Love

September 29, 2017

A wonderful reflection, Jake… to love and to live in love…

Jake Owensby

Tuesday came into my son Patrick’s life unexpectedly. Tuesday, by the way, is a dog. The twelve-week-old pointer mix had bounded up to him on a Tuesday evening. Hence the name.

If you look at Tuesday now, you’ll see huge floppy ears, long legs, and enormous feet. However, on their first meeting, Patrick was struck by the puppy’s protruding ribs, his pronounced hip bones, his wobbly gait, and his desperate affection.

The vet confirmed Patrick’s initial impression. Tuesday was near death. Terribly undernourished, the pup was also consumed with parasites and disease. Patrick secured Tuesday’s medical treatment, gave him his daily medicines, fed him a special diet, and slept with him on his chest.

IMG_1034Tuesday’s health was touch and go for a while. Love, with the help of veterinary care, has transformed him into a sweet, energetic companion.

You may be thinking that Patrick is kind and tenderhearted. A dog…

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  1. Nancy Almond permalink

    Love this one!

    On Sep 29, 2017 12:53 PM, “Pastor Michael Moore’s Blog” wrote:

    > Michael Moore posted: “A wonderful reflection, Jake… to love and to live > in love…” >

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