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Feast Day of Maximilian Kolbe

August 14, 2017

Especially as Nazi flags and salutes along with other Hateful flags not worthy of publicity (I was physically threatened because I stood up publicly and spoke for the removal of that flag from Courthouse property in FL two years ago), I remember this Franciscan who laid down his life for decency, compassion, and love…

May the spirit of this gentle friar speak to us today of love…

From the blog:

“The brothers housed 3,000 Polish refugees, two-thirds of whom were Jewish, and continued their publication work, including materials considered anti-Nazi. For this work the presses were shut down, the congregation suppressed, the brothers dispersed, and Maximilian was imprisoned in Pawiak prison, Warsaw, Poland on 17 February 1941.”
The blog: Saint Maximilian Kolbe

  1. Reblogged this on jpburgess and commented:
    So important to share the stories of the faithful who stood in the gap for all of us.

  2. Yes. Love wins. Always!

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