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Charlottesville! What Do We Need?

August 13, 2017

Powerful, Brenda!

Pilgrim Seeker Heretic

_97314644_mediaitem97314643            What is happening in Charlottesville? We know what’s happening in Charlottesville! Again, factions of our society have chosen some one, some event, some thing to rally around and espouse their opinions and beliefs-prejudices and ideologies perhaps. And, again, being the diverse peoples that we are, opposing factions have rallied in protest. And again, mutual respect and rationale thinking has been replaced with anger, hate, and violence. And again, sacred lives have been injured and killed. When will we learn that we must come to respect human life, be respectful in our disagreements, and seek peaceful cooperation and co-existence with one another? Succumbing to violence harms us all, physically and/or morally, and contributes to the decay and demise of our nation.

            The “thing” that has become the rallying point in Charlottesville, and other places, is a statue. In this instance the statue of Confederate General Robert…

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  1. Nancy Almond permalink

    This is really good. Thanks for sharing!

    On Aug 13, 2017 12:47 PM, “Pastor Michael Moore’s Blog” wrote:

    > Michael Moore posted: “Powerful, Brenda!” >

  2. Nancy H Almond permalink

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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