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Experience God, Don’t Explain God

July 31, 2017

Well said, Ronnie, well said!!

Ronnie McBrayer

GodYou are a human, a highly evolved sentient species composed mostly of water, oxygen, carbon, and a few dozen other lesser chemicals. All in all, you consist of about 10 octillion atoms – give or take a few million – that miraculously hold together. I, “homo sapiens” that I am, have a nearly identical make-up as yours: We hold more than 99% of our individual genetic material in common.

Yet, we do not think of ourselves – or of others – in purely genetic terms? When we meet, marry, give birth to, have a beer with, or share a meal with someone, our interaction is not scientific. “Have you met George? He’s a pleasant organism, about 63% water and one of the most charming carbon-based collection of atoms you will ever meet.”

Of course not.  We know others, and are known by others, by means of relationships. “This is…

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