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Wait Problems

July 24, 2017

Wisdom from Ronnie!

Ronnie McBrayer

waitSlow internet connections. Lines four deep at Walmart. Anything beyond two-day shipping. Buffering YouTube videos. Diets that don’t work over the weekend. Stories that stretch beyond 140 characters. Pizza that doesn’t arrive in 15 minutes. These are some of the things that madden the impatient mob living in the early 21st century.

Technology, be it the latest ride-share app or most hip streaming video interface, has added exceptional convenience to our lives, but it has also succeeded in fostering imprudence and igniting an unquenchable thirst for instant gratification. “Delay” has become a filthy, four-letter word and “please hold” a curse. We have a “wait problem” that has nothing to do with calorie intake.

But putting iPhones and Androids aside (perish the thought, I know), life is more about patience than it is immediate amusement, and some of the most rewarding experiences in life “come only to those who wait.” Education…

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