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Is the Bible Fake News?

July 16, 2017

Powerful, Jake!!! Thanks for sharing… had a discussion along these lines after church with some members…

Jake Owensby

“So what about the Noah story? Do you really believe that there was flood that covered the earth and that God crammed two of every species into a big boat?”*

That’s the sort of question I get when I talk to some of my friends about the authority of the Bible. They assume that the Bible is true only if the Bible accurately reports facts about the world.

For instance, I would have to accept that the world was created in six day (with an extra day of divine rest thrown  in). The entire human race issued from two people. Every existing species on earth can be traced back to a pair of passengers on Noah’s ark.

Some people spend so much time trying to prove that the Bible isn’t fake news that they utterly ignore the meaning of the stories contained among scripture’s many texts.

Scripture’s authority derives…

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