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In the Light

June 27, 2017

Wisdom from Ronnie

Ronnie McBrayer

sunriseNinety-three million miles away from our planet is nature’s most perfect nuclear reactor: The Sun, the center of our solar system. Eleven thousand degrees at the surface and double that at its core, it squashes atoms like we squash bugs.

If you could capture a pinhead’s worth of that glowing hydrogen and helium, it would radiate enough heat to eradicate everything for 400 city blocks. And yet, after the eight and a half minutes it takes for that energy to reach the earth, it arrives as light, warmth, and life.

What you grow in your garden; the beauty of the changing seasons; every bite of food you put in your mouth; the water that you drink; the fossil fuel you put in your car; the wind that cools the planet: The life and energy of all things originates with and is sustained by the sun.

Your personal health is no…

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