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Defending the World

April 24, 2017

Wise words from Ronnie!

One phrase of many — Humanity is the Earth’s biggest enemy.

Ronnie McBrayer

The contemporary environmental movement began forty-seven years ago this weekend: April 22, 1970, with the first observance of “Earth Day.” It was a synergistic event that involved people like activist John McConnell and Senator Gaylord Nelson. They were able to tap into the “countercultural” movement of the time in an effort to protect the planet.

Today, “Earth Day” is as celebrated as ever, now an international campaign in more than 180 countries. Of course, not everyone is happy about this. There is maintained, vociferous opposition by some to anything remotely environmental or conservationist in nature. Even the phrase “climate change” has recently been banned within a number of government agencies.

Yet, this fact remains: Humanity is the Earth’s biggest enemy. More to the point, we who are USAmericans are the planet’s greatest threat (another unpleasant fact), as we put more pressure on our collective resources than any other nation in…

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