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My Easter Sunday with Jen Hatmaker and Her Downtown Friends

April 19, 2017

Powerful message, Susan & Jen!

Susan Cottrell & FreedHearts

Susan with Jen Hatmaker

Where would Jesus be on Easter Sunday? As I stood under the bridge in downtown Austin, a man balancing his hamburger, chips, and a drink walked straight to me. “Will you hold my cigarette?” For a nanosecond I processed the request, then I carefully took his lighted cigarette which freed him to reshuffle his food and drink.

Jen Hatmaker, next to me, kindly guided him to a place at the table where others were eating. I followed. After a little flurry to get him settled, Jen turned and took the cigarette from me to hand to him. Jen is apparently at ease in this choreography of caring—her church has served an Easter meal to this downtown Austin community of friends for ten years now.

Though I am at home in any LGBTQI setting, this is not my usual digs. “Your head is on a swivel,” she told me when I…

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