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Is there a Balm?

April 14, 2017

At our Community Good Friday Service, members of the Estes Park Interfaith Alliance shared reflections and hymns in worship.

I watched the Christ Light flicker on the Communion table

When my turn came to read Scripture 

Reflecting upon the burial of our Lord

I blew out the candle on my way to the pulpit

My heart feeling a crushing anguish


Haunted by the violence in this world

Haunted by christians cheering the dropping of the largest non-nuclear bomb in our arsenal while I broke bread and shared the cup on Maundy Thursday 

Haunted by images of war and hate

Remembering the Easter Vigil in Uzbekistan 

The irony of commemorating it in a war zone 

Commemorating the one who died at the hands of the Empire

Thinking of the horrible irony of this Holy Week

Bombs celebrated while the crucified Lord is overlooked

Then we reflect on the spiritual

There Is a Balm in Gilead – Mahalia Jackson
Written by slaves who knew his sorrow

Remembering Jeremiah’s question

Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people? (Jeremiah 8:22)

Lord, is there a Balm to heal the wounded soul?

Lord, I need to hear your promise today

Lord, that you walk with us through the valley

Despite madness looming around every corner

Lord, you met me in my tears and anguish

Lord, you met me in the darkness of this day

You gently whispered to my soul

There is a balm

There is healing

There is hope

Take courage and continue to share my light

Continue to share my love

Continue to share out of your own agony

An agony I know so well

There is a balm for the wounded soul

Share that balm with my beloved children

Be that balm to those in need

And, your prayer, is mine dear brother

Dona Nobis Pacem et in Terra

Grant Us Peace on Earth 

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  1. Cheryl Anne permalink

    Your tears and anguish are beautiful ingredients of The Balm; not one tear is wasted. I honor you, my Brother in Christ. ❤

  2. Michael, it is a precious thing indeed to be part of the Balm of Gilead to a hurting world. It is our great privilege as Christ followers to join our hearts and tears with His. Michael, may you be comforted in the same way as you seek to comfort others. Your anguished prayers do not go unheard. Jesus walks, talks and weeps beside you, dear Brother. 💜

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