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Your Original Dream

March 31, 2017

A beautiful and passionate prayer from my dear Sister, Cheryl Anne!

Lengthening Light

Here, on the shore of Soul, where You meet and bless me, there is a Deep Stillness in the midst of all this lively elemental motion. Birds, breezes, and breaking waves; yet somehow also Silence. For there is a difference between Nature’s Sounds and the world’s noise, and the difference is even more pronounced in this place; just beyond the shining sheath of Spirit, where the only energies felt are those of the New Earth to come, and yet already Here, though hidden.

O Maker and Caretaker of this Clear Space; this Sphere of subtle symphony and calm color. How I love You, and all Your handiwork! How blessed I am to be part of Your Artistic Vision and Infinite, Intimate Completion.

That I may inwardly, through Your Grace, visit the soft sands and healing waters of this most Happy, Holy Place, is a blessing too great for any human…

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