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Heaven and Hell

March 27, 2017

A familiar parable that speaks directly to what I see as well @RonnieMcBrayer ! Thanks for sharing.

Ronnie McBrayer

A parable is told about a man who asked God to show him the difference between heaven and hell. So God led the man to two doors. The first was opened to reveal a room with a large round table. A pot of delicious soup sat in the center of the table, but the people sitting there were like skeletons.

Emaciated and starving, each person held a spoon with a long handle, so long that it was possible to reach the soup, but impossible to return the spoon back to their mouths. God said to the man, “You have seen hell.” The second door was opened, and the setting was exactly as the first one: The same large table, same pot of mouthwatering soup, and the same impossibly long spoons.

The one and only difference was the condition of the guests at the table. They were well-nourished, plump, laughing and…

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