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Late Winter Shower

March 11, 2017

Beautiful promise of cleansing and renewal…

Lengthening Light

In the steadiness
of this late winter shower
I feel a foretaste of
Your Ultimate Cleansing
of this world’s wrongs,
and refreshing of all
that is ensouled.
This Living Water
falls on the just
and the unjust,
and is offered to all
who will look up and receive;
all who in humble kinship
with Earth and Her Beings,
in Hope, born of Your Goodness,
still believe in the existence of Eden,
waiting patiently for us, just beyond the mists.
Thanks be to God
for what is Real and True, and Lasting;
above, beneath, and beyond
the cynical surface, paved
with fear and greed.
All ignorance and arrogance must recede,
and finally dissolve
in the Light of the Daystar;
soon to rise, yet already and forever risen.
Deep Wells of Mercy,
no longer hidden,
call to us now if we are quiet
and listen to the weeping of

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