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Your Beauty

March 10, 2017

Indeed what a beautiful gift described so wonderfully by my sweet Sister, Cheryl Anne!

Lengthening Light

I look, this day, to Your Beauty, and not to my troubles or failings. For all the shadow and weight of them, they truly are but dust beneath Your Feet. But upon this dust, You stand so tenderly; there is nothing so lowly as to escape Your notice and care. Even in my moments of most flagrant doubt, or lost in the sick, unconscious patterns of my woundedness; Your Mantle of Compassion gently enfolds me with unflinching Lovingkindness and Assurance.

I feel this Gift in my marrow today, and in the deepest center of my spiritual being; that Your Beauty is the beaming forth of the Radiance of Absolute Love; Love that birthed and breathed Eternity; Love that birthed and breathed my soul; thinking it worthy of form and earthly experience, and purpose; to dwell for a while in this majestic realm of earth, sky, and sea; to be a…

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