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A Chance for Change

March 9, 2017

Wisdom from Ronnie

Ronnie McBrayer

A farmhand went out every morning to lead his cows from the barn to the fields. Every evening he would gather them back into the barn. One evening, as he tied the cows up for the night, the boy found that one of them was missing her rope. It was too late to go buy a new one, too dark to find the missing one, and he was afraid she would run away during the night.

The farmhand went to the old cowboy in the bunk house for advice. The cowboy said, “That’s easy, son. Pretend to tie her up, and make sure she sees you doin’ it. She’ll think it’s business as usual.” The young man did as was suggested. The next morning he discovered the cow had remained at the hitching post all night.

He untied the other cows, as usual, and led them outside. He noticed that…

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  1. Thom Fultz permalink

    A timely posting for me as I look toward a Cursillo weekend and as our congregation is focusing on Lent on relational evangelism that starts with remembering, our lives are not our own – it is not about me if I follow Jesus, it is about helping others finding their call to from/toJesus by walking alongside them in a faith journey that crosses thresholds of Trust, Curiousity, Willingness to change, Seeking and Following.

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