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Garbage In – Garbage Out

February 27, 2017

Incredible wisdom and advice from Ronnie!

Ronnie McBrayer

gigoHere is a personal exercise for you, an experiment of sorts that will reveal more about how impressionable you are than maybe you wish to know. It only takes a few easy steps. Tomorrow morning, as you plan to start your day normally, tune in the most vile, angry, obnoxious talk-radio personality you can find. Listen to him or her all the way to work or school, taking to heart every single word.

Once you are in the office or classroom, find the biggest jackass in your sphere of movement and work with him or her all day (I wish there was another word, but as a kid raised in a Deep South farming community, “jackass” is the only appropriate description). Soak up all of his or her negativity and pettiness, every single drop.

When you get home for the day, in an effort to vegetate with some mindless internet…

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