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safe: learning to trust when life feels unsafe

February 12, 2017

Thank you, Joy, for sharing this profound and incredibly personal piece…

Poetry Joy


My childhood didn’t fully prepare me to trust or feel safe and secure in the ways I might have hoped it would. But it did lead me to seek for ways to lighten the darkness in my child-heart by enjoying the simple pleasures of life, like blowing bubbles or chasing butterflies.

Not all of the methods I chose were actually safe or helpful, until God shone the light of His presence into my life and I was undone in the best possible way. Because up to then, love had been far from easy, unconditional, lavish or free.

Life can feel less than safe in this dark world,  as I still wrestle with demons from my past and deal with myriad challenges in the present. Yet my hope and faith are safe, secure, resting on God’s redemption, goodness and grace, His wild, wild Love and forgiveness that covers all my…

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  1. Bill permalink

    Late Sunday afternoon is such a difficult time for me as I take on the mantle of the coming week’s responsibilities after a weekend of respite and reflection. Melancholy for many years of hurt and abandonment fills me with fears for an unsafe week ahead. But I need to accept and trust God is with me as He has in the past and will be with me for eternity. Thank you, Joy!

  2. Thank you for sharing my words, Michael. And thank you for reading, Bill. A painful past so often leaves us with trust issues in the present. It takes time to regain the ability when we’ve been hurt badly. I’m grateful you felt able to open up here in this safe place. May you sense God’s gentle, ever loving presence with you in the days ahead, and may you be filled with the peace only He can bring us. Praying for you, friend. 🙂

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