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Asseverate – Friday’s Word Of The Day Haiku – 20 January 2016

January 21, 2017

Wow! Thanks for sharing, Kat ❤❤

like mercury colliding...

I missed posting my word of the day Haiku yesterday, but decided to post today because the word for Friday, Asseverate, is a very good and timely word. Asseverate is a verb that means means “to declare earnestly or solemnly; affirm positively; aver”. It is Latin in origin; “from asseverat-, the stem of assevērātus, the past participle of the Latin verb assevērāre “to act or speak seriously or in earnest.” (The Latin adjective sevērus means “serious, grave”), entering English in the 18th century, replacing the earlier verb assever.”

There has been quite a cacophony of asseverating going on this week; this past year for that matter. But much of the bloviating that we have been subjected to has been opinions, strongly asseverated, but opinions none the less. Opinions are not necessarily truth.

So what is a well-intentioned, thoughtful person to do? How do we discern what is right…

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