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The Good Old Days

January 2, 2017

Amen, Ronnie, Amen!! The good old days also typically involved the suppression of one people by another… class, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation… praying with you and working for a better today and future for ALL!

Ronnie McBrayer

gooddaysI spent some time over the holidays thinking about the past. Not in a regretful sort of way, but with a good dose of romantic nostalgia. I was reminiscing to my children how I would climb on my bicycle on summer mornings and be gone all day, never once checking in by text or cell phone – so long as I was home before the porch light came on at dark.

I remember how we couldn’t “nuke” the leftovers; when Jiffy Pop in an expanding foil bag was advanced technology; and watching a black and white television with a screen the size of an iPad (and only four channels), was the best we could do.

I remember that spending the night with my grandparents in their cold, drafty farm house required being smothered by at least a dozen blankets (and how you hoped your bladder was empty, because once the…

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