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“The Spittin’ Image Of The Almighty!”

December 26, 2016

Well said, Ronnie! A few of those books got “lost” in some of my moves around the world 😉

Ronnie McBrayer

emmanuelA neglected theology book from my shelf, layered with dust and giving off that familiar “old book smell,” has a section entitled, “Incarnation.” That’s the religious word used to describe Jesus’ birth, the miracle whereby God became “flesh and dwelt among us.”

That dust-laden book reads: “Thus the Son of God became our Emmanuel; that by mutual union his divinity and our nature might be combined; otherwise, neither was the proximity near enough, nor the affinity strong enough, to give us hope that God would dwell with us; so great was the repugnance between our pollution and the spotless purity of God.” Maybe you understand why I have allowed that book to sit and sour.

I find Clarence Jordan’s folksy definition of Incarnation to be superior. Jordan, a winsome mixture of farmer, preacher, activist, and Greek scholar produced a translation of the New Testament called “The Cotton Patch Gospel.” It…

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