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Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 25 December 2016

December 25, 2016

Beautiful and so true, Kat… especially when I struggle with what has gone on in 2016 and fears for 2017 and beyond. When I fail to remember… breathe in, breathe out, pray on ❤❤

like mercury colliding...

For some of us, today is Christmas. Yesterday, others celebrated Hanukkah and earlier this week, still others celebrated Yule or Winter Solstice. I’m thinking there were even a few who celebrated Festivus a few days ago. And in another day Kwanzaa will commence. Whatever our persuasions, I believe we are all connected by our common humanity, our belief in goodness and love and our collective hope for peace.

This has been a rocky year for many. It’s easy to get discouraged; to lose hope. But for today I invite you to join me in the moment. Wherever you are, whenever you happen to read this…stop. Take a deep breath and hold it inside you for a few seconds. The very air that fills your lungs right now once traveled in and out of another’s lungs. We are all connected even by the air we breath!

And now, before your lungs…

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