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Comfort, Comfort My People – Jesuits of the Midwest

December 6, 2016

“Comfort, comfort my people…speak tenderly to them,” says our God.
“Speak tenderly” — these words to a community that has lost everything: its land, its temple, and seemingly its God.
In desolation God’s promise remains, and God desires to speak “tenderly” —literally “to the heart”— of Israel a word of comfort that penetrates more deeply than anxiety and lays a new foundation of hope.
These words assuredly shaped the faith of Mary and Joseph, who knew their God to be one of comfort and tenderness, a God who cares for the lowly and destitute. This is the faith that made rough places smooth…that allowed Joseph to call off a divorce and embrace his young wife…and that allowed Mary to accept the gift of God’s son in her very womb.
During this season of hopeful waiting, how am I being comforted? How am I comforting others? How can I comfort others?
— Ryen Dwyer, S.J., a Chicago-Detroit province Jesuit scholastic, is currently studying philosophy at Loyola University Chicago.
The Advent mystery is the beginning of the end for anything in us that is not yet Christ.
—Thomas Merton

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