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crave: deciding what our souls are really longing for

December 2, 2016

Well said, Joy, well said!

Poetry Joy


It’s hard to be neutral these days, immune to the constant bombardment and urgent invitation to spend. Consumerism feeds our every desire—including those we didn’t even know we had before—as it makes  most of us, especially weak-willed people, crave far more than we can afford.

As a woman of faith, my desires also reflect the holy work going on within, mirroring the way God is slowly changing my thoughts and altering them to be more in line with following Him.

A craving sounds like such a desperate thing. It makes me wonder if my heart is truly craving what it needs. Am I yearning for God, desiring to know Him better above all things? I hope so. Some days seem to be more about gritting our teeth and getting on with it, more about survival than sweet surrender, don’t they?

But my hope and prayer for you and me is…

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my words, Michael! Bless you, Brother. 🙂 x

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