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Advent Hope & Joy – Midwest Jesuits

December 1, 2016

Advent Hope and Joy
It is December and the early days of Advent. I love Advent and welcome its coming. It is darkness yielding to light in the early morning as I wake and welcome a new day. It is candles I light in my wreath each early morn to dispel December’s gloom and welcome the new day.
This year, I need the hope of Advent and its days of longing, prayerful waiting and renewal. I need to find myself again in the joy of rebirth filling this season. Isaiah calls me to be just, faithful and a woman of peace, to listen and treasure the voice of the poor. Matthew calls me to listen, trust and rebuild my inner house with faith and trust in God. I have known and loved these words in Advent’s past. This year, they are solace and new blessing to dispel the darkness of my early December days.
—Mary Burke-Peterson is a parishioner at St. Nicholas Church, Evanston, an active volunteer in the Ignatian Spirituality Project, and a graduate student at Institute for Pastoral Studies at Loyola University.      
Holy God, stir again in my heart these Advent days. 

Help me to listen and reflect. 

Send me your hope and grace.

Show me your face!
—a Carmelite sister

Ignatian reflections produced in partnership with Midwest Jesuits, Oregon Jesuits and  Spiritual Outreach through Leadership, LLC 

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