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November 22, 2016

Well said, Ronnie! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my friend!

Ronnie McBrayer

franklIn the churches I grew up in we sometimes had these special meetings called “Testimony Services.” There wouldn’t be the usual songs and sermon. Instead, the congregation was given an opportunity to “preach.” People would stand up, usually with great awkwardness, and testify. That is, they would tell others about God’s goodness in their lives.

Working fathers, old grandmothers, the occasional college student, empty nest parents: These people would stand all over the sanctuary, and as if reading from a script, most would begin: “First, I’d like to say I love the Lord.” From there their testimony could ramble anywhere. Family, children, grandchildren, having a job to work, food to eat, one’s health, a dry autumn so the hay could more easily be gathered from the fields: No blessing was too small to mention.

I remember something about these people, simple and poor as they were, as we all were…

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