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Monday Spiritual Rumination: a window cracks

October 18, 2016

Powerful, Nancie… I have seen too much of this and the results from the apartment complex I lived in my last year of Seminary throughout my time in ministry as a Chaplain… we need to stand and be a refuge in the midst of the storm…

The Prayerful Peacock

Earlier today, I was writing an article for our parish bulletin on the topic of Domestic Violence Awareness and recalled some disturbing incidents that took place early on in our marriage. These events were instances of domestic violence. I witnessed them, and have never forgotten what they stirred up within me.

[Let me offer a bit of background: Tom and I come from large families. Life was hectic in our households. Our parents had occasion to disagree from time to time, but never ever raised a hand to hurt or harm. The disagreements were just that—not opportunities to abase or abuse the other.]

One evening a few of months into our marriage, Tom and I became aware of an escalating argument taking place in the vicinity of our home.  We were renting a little back cottage and were not far from an alley. It was mid Fall and chilly, so our…

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