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seeking to enjoy the journey we are on

October 10, 2016

Wonderful hope shared by Joy!!

Poetry Joy


While we journey into joy, we soon discover how much better it is to have support, friendship and companionship to encourage us along the way. Especially when it becomes tough at times, there are mountains to negotiate or skirt round, several hills to climb, much travelling to do and lessons to get through.

The travelling can feel endless to reach our goals. Yet the road yawns wide before us, stretching its fingers toward the future, inviting us to do the same.

As we place our faith and hope in God, He will slowly unfurl the rich potential of days still to come, and grant us grace to enjoy the current view of the journey we are on.

The prayer below reflects on part of my creative journey, which is continually being shaped by faith and made achievable by God’s goodness and grace. May you see your own dreams reflected in…

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  1. Honoured as always. Bless you, Michael! 🙂

    • Especially timely as I talked this morning with a friend who suffers from Depression…

      • We all need to hold onto hope, to the belief that God hears and answers prayer. And receive a fresh infusion of encouragement, especially when life feels dark and dim. Praying for your friend. It’s a pathway I have trod in the past and often veer on to at certain times of the year. God bless you.

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