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October 2016 – Update

October 3, 2016

It is indeed an international issue… affordable housing and decency… Fiona, I am so thankful that you are finding peace and hope!

Streams & Desolations

The last time I shared anything on my WordPress blog was in August 2016. Scheduled art posts aside, I can’t believe it’s been that long. As I mentioned then, we were evicted from our house. I don’t know what the rental laws are like in other parts of the world – I’ve heard that parts of Europe tends to be a lot more protective of tenants’ rights – but here in Victoria, Australia, they’re pretty awful. It was only in the last couple of months that the Victorian Supreme Court made the decision that properties must be maintained in a liveable condition. That’s right, up until very recently, landlords were allowed to rent dangerous, derelict properties to tenants. It took a woman from a low socio-economic bracket and her Legal Aid lawyer (Legal Aid being a free legal service for poor people who need access to assistance) to…

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One Comment
  1. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and re-post! 🙂
    Things have definitely worked out for the better for us, for which I am very grateful. I hope that by highlighting my experiences I can give space for those who’ve battled similar conditions. 🙂

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