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when you can’t see the wood for the trees

October 1, 2016

Well said, Joy ❤️

Poetry Joy


We’ve all been there – lost and unsure, wondering which direction to take, what decision to make. Ideas loom up large as trees, yet we cannot  see the way ahead, nor barely find the light hidden within the foliage.

As we examine our lives we can see a mixture of the old and new; some things feel fresh and vital and others seem stale and lifeless. Maybe they are signs to point the way ahead?

Guidance can feel like walking down a long dark tunnel with only a tiny match to light the path before us. We long for further clarity. God usually gives us just enough light for the next step we need to take.

Beyond that all is black to our eyes. How can we have hope and joy when we feel so uncertain? It helps to remember the walk of faith is exactly that – not…

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  1. Thank you, Michael! Blessed you shared this, my friend. 😊

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